Attending a conference can be beneficial – encouraging networking and job development - but it's difficult for busy corporates with hectic schedules to spare the time to attend, with a full tray of must-do and over-due items constantly demanding completion. Here we reveal the top global conference destinations, allowing you the time
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    3d printing has forever changed the way parts and products can be manufactured, we speak with Frank Herzog: CEO & President of Concept Laser New European Economy: You have been nominated for various awards over the years including top 50 in Bavaria 2014, best CEO in additive manufacturing and last
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  • Consider Cork

    Last year was a watershed year for Cork – Ireland’s second city and largest county, and home to over 500,000 people. Overseas investment was boosted throughout the year with a series of major investment announcements – culminating in Apple’s announcement in November that it would increase the labour force at its Cork
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  • Cyber Security: A Human Problem

    At lunchtime on 1st September 2015 the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Trust’s Director for Sexual Health, Alan McOwan, probably didn’t think he’d be at the centre of a me Just a few minutes earlier a small mistake was made which escalated until McOwan found himself giving interviews live on the
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  • Keep Safe Cyber security – why should it concern me?

    We have created a vast grid of countless wired and wireless networks in order to connect everything to have easier access and use. With the impulse to make everything work faster and smarter, we have created a path for being vulnerable. This vast network of grids that we use on
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  • Driving the future of Business Mobility

    New European Economy: What does Business Mobility mean for Alphabet? Norbert van den Eijnden: Business Mobility stands for the successful operation of corporate fleets. Today, companies want attractive fleet financing options, such as operational leasing and motivational leasing. More and more they also ask for innovative mobility solutions such as
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  • Real Fears - The Storm Ahead

    Brazil, a potential powerhouse with a once-booming economy, is plagued by political tensions and fiscal anxieties. Has the boom gone bust? Up until recently, the mood in Brazil was teeming with expectation. The economy was expanding three times faster than that of the United States, poverty was decreasing and the
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