• The Rise of Tax Technology

    As new tax rules proliferate and governments call on companies to demonstrate greater tax transparency, corporate tax functions need to strengthen their tax determination, tax data management and tax reporting capabilities. This need drives more chief tax officers to weigh investments in cloud-based tax technology solutions. Getting the highest returns
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  • Economic Factor

    As an international and cosmopolitan city, Berlin attracts founders, entrepreneurs, investors and talented individuals from all over the world. James Brown  interviews the CEO of Berlin's economic development organisation, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Dr. Stefan Franzke, regarding Brexit, the election of Trump and a city where the spirit of freedom is
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  • Lisbon Hits the Top Spot

    1st Lisbon Forget London or Stockholm - everyone is upping sticks to the new capital of cool. Lisbon, once regarded as a second class city, promotes an enviable can-do entrepreneurial spirit and lays claim to the most exciting creative scene in mainland Europe right now. Undervalue Western Europe's oldest city at
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    Securing mobile devices has never been more important we talk with Alf Kenneth Braathen, Chief Executive Officer and Jon Fredrik Baksaas Investor and advisor of Rosberg on how to eliminate these threats. Jon Fredrik Baksaas investor and advisor New European Economy: With the proliferation of smart devices in recent years,
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    Committees seek to establish best practices, guidelines and call-to-actions to further accelerate the VR/AR market. The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is soliciting participation in Industry Committees for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The committees will work with members and the industry at large to create best practices, guidelines and call
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  • Top 5 Convention Locations

    Location can underpin and influence the main metrics when organising a conference: attendance, engagement, ROI - the list goes on and coordinating events can be tiring and tedious, particularly if you find yourself researching far-flung places, availability of hotels, hotel room rates, the average cost of a restaurant meal and the
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  • Direct Access

    Henry Martin  interviews  Michael Sturm, Managing Director at Invest in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH (Invest in MV) Henry Martin: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has a very established and reputable knowledge and skills base with both a solid research base and established clusters in advanced industry sectors. How do you consider these factors to influence potential investors
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