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Top 5 Convention Locations

Location can underpin and influence the main metrics when organising a conference: attendance, engagement, ROI – the list goes on and coordinating events can be tiring and tedious, particularly if you find yourself researching far-flung places, availability of hotels, hotel room rates, the average cost of a restaurant meal and the proximity of each city to major airports. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Plan well, and you can have your pick of meetings in the most outstanding settings that demonstrate active conference scenes, the best airports for flight punctuality, and perhaps, most importantly, places that guests and attendees want to visit. Better still, have a look below at the shortlist set up by New European Economy magazine for the best and most beautiful locations and venues. With rooftops of city skylines and spectacular countryside sceneries, they are all sure to impress.

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Direct Access

Henry Martin  interviews  Michael Sturm, Managing Director at Invest in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH (Invest in MV)

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Hamburg: Gateway to Europe

Henry  Martin  spoke to Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has led to insecurity and relocation considerations in the corporate world. It is widely anticipated that companies that generate their revenue mainly within the European Union will consider relocating their business operations. Established locations such as Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris have come forward with offers to London’s financial players, and a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe are hoping for service components e.g. in the commercial sector to be migrated. At the same time, there is one city that continues to emerge in this locational competition: a city that stands out for its long-established economic relations with the UK like no other city – Hamburg. It is often said that Hamburg is the most Anglophile city in Germany, and business relations between Hamburg and Britain boast a particularly long tradition. Hamburg values its century-long friendship with the United Kingdom and regrets the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. In the eyes of Hamburg, it is vital to ensure the UK’s greatest possible integration into the European single market also in future.

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Leader of the Pack

We speak with Mikael Spuhl, CEO at 3D Interactive Sthlm AB

James Brown: Could you give us a brief introduction to AR and its benefits?

The usual technical description of augmented reality (AR) is “a technology that layers computer generated enhancements on top of an existing reality”. I would introduce AR as way of bringing the real and digital worlds together. With AR, you can make printed material or objects come to life by adding 3D content, animation and video on top of those objects. We see AR as a communication platform that allows you to connect with your clients/customers in a completely new way. To describe the benefits of AR, I think it´s best to give concrete examples of how some of our customers have integrated AR into their businesses: 

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Future of the Diamond Industry

Diamond Mine

Whether out of thriftiness or ethics, more and more consumers are opting for synthetic, man-made diamonds over the real thing.

While the establishment maintains that man-made stones are nothing more than low-grade fakes that won’t ever be serious contenders, industry observers aren’t so sure. It’s starting to look like man’s genius has finally matched nature’s brilliance.

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