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Elon Musk: Cosmic Dreamer

Few other entrepreneurs have risked so much and taken such gambles as Elon Musk. And few have had such incredible successes. Even more amazing, the real impact of his entrepreneurship – whether in the area of space travel, electric vehicles or solar energy – has yet to be felt by humanity. The best, it could be said, is yet to come from Elon Musk.

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Berlin: The Place to Be

However, it is the CityCube Berlin, a modern convention and expo centre, which reinforces the city’s already global competitiveness.

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Scotland on Top


The latest Ernst & Young Attractiveness Survey, which is widely recognised as the one of the most comprehensive data sets for foreign direct investment across Europe, recently reinforced Scotland’s position as the top region in the UK outside London for foreign direct investment.And while foreign direct investment (FDI) has proved challenging in recent years, Scotland has undoubtedly sharpened its focus on not only maintaining but continuing to build on its reputation as a world class investment location.

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Private Equity For Your Wallet And Your Heart

Xeon International focuses on value creation capacities in major International markets. Its focus on business value creation is supported by global experience in a wide range of industries. Xeon looks at early stage emerging markets with good headroom for development, by selecting high-quality investments with strong growth and integration potential. But first and formost, it has a strong focus on socially responsible corporate investment. In the interview below, Yves Duponselle and Giancarlo d’Elia of Xeon Fund describe how they are catering to a new generation of socially responsible investors.

NEE : Corporate social responsibility has emerged as a prominent theme in the wake of successive financial crises. What is the next-generation investor calling for?

YD: We have observed that in today’s market, a third-millennium investor typology has emerged, focusing on investing in projects that benefit society. That caused us to rethink value creation today. We went back to the fundamentals of the value creation process, and the cornerstone of our thinking was to redefine the terms of good investment. We concluded that we needed to expand the profit generation objective to include other considerations. The idea is to be smart enough to make substantial profits while focusing on an important additional dimension: making a contribution to society. And this contribution should have a social and an environmental impact. We believe that the current generation must start taking action to accelerate responsible corporate social investments.

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A most welcome Businessman in Europe


Dr. Faisal Khazaal’s 20-year journey


Elite Capital & Co provides project related services including management, consultancy and funding, particularly for large infrastructure projects. Its services are suitable for all types of infrastructure projects at either the greenfield or brownfield stage, including but not limited to sea ports, airports, railway, bridges, roads and highways, water and sanitation utilities, hospitals, and schools. The company was founded by Dr. Faisal Khazaal. This is his story.

In 1995, upon reaching his 21st birthday, Kuwaiti businessman Dr. Faisal Khazaal established his first and most important company, Deals Secure Group, in Kuwait. This would be followed by many other companies in Kuwait and abroad, managed by the Deals Secure Group. These companies established a far-reaching footprint in the Gulf region from 2000 to 2005, making numerous achievements. In 2000, Dr. Khazaal submitted a study examining linking the Kuwait Stock Exchange to international exchanges.

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