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Globally the nature of threat to organisations and individuals is in a state of flux and it is an exercise in futility endeavouring to address or treat each individual threat in isolation. Some individuals and corporate bodies are simply not prepared for a situation arising from their location, environment or individual circumstances. As Specialist Risk advisors we assist clients in understanding risk and support them to continue their life safely and securely irrespective of the location. The solutions produced are holistic in approach, multi layered and integrated maximising assurance and integrity to reduce overall risk and achieve a return upon investment.

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People power is the lost key to cyber resilience


Corporate and personal reputations are hard-won but they can be ruined in an instant. As countless examples have shown, businesses large and small are being successfully attacked by cyber criminals with often catastrophic impacts. The fact that so many organisations, of all sizes and in all sectors, have had their most valuable and commercially sensitive information compromised reflects the scale of the problem. It also highlights that no one is safe. All organisations are at risk and you can never be ‘bullet-proof’. But organisations can manage their cyber risks more effectively by adopting an organisation-wide response, led from the top that effectively balances business opportunities and risks as well as the processes, technologies and critically the people that make the organisation tick.

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Car Hacking:


HARMAN Addresses the Challenges of Automotive Cyber Security Following Acquisition of   TowerSec As we continue to move towards autonomous driving, it’s predicted that there will be around 250 million connected vehicles on the road globally by 2020, with over two thirds of these capable of consuming and sharing web-based data, according to a research by Gartner (Predicts 2015: The Internet of Things).

This increasing car connectivity has made the risk of hacking a priority for car makers, particularly with recent high profile cases in the media. At the forefront of developments to protect vehicles from outside intrusion is connected solutions company HARMAN, which is providing car makers with technology to prevent potentially dangerous hacking. We sat down with Asaf Atzmon, Director of Business Development and Marketing of the newly-established Automotive Cyber Security group within HARMAN, to understand where the market is heading.

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How important is your reputation to you?


This discussion between Ian Davies, Deputy Chairman of BMT Group and Senior Independent Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Nick Wilding, global head of cyber resilience at  AXELOS Global Best Practice, tackles some key questions that boards and senior executives have to be asking in the face of corporate damage being caused by increasing cyber-attacks:

(NW) Q1. So what does cyber resilience mean to you?

(ID) It’s a thorough response to a whole enterprise, risk management issue. Where cyber security addresses the technical aspects, effective cyber resilience assesses the business impacts of cyber risks and encompasses the critical human factors required to better protect the information and systems most critical to success. No enterprise is bullet-proof from cyber criminals. A key challenge they face is to identify quickly when an attack is happening and to take appropriate steps to prevent it doing serious damage. That may require responding publicly to reassure customers, suppliers and shareholders – often this public response extends rather than limits the damage already caused.

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