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Stay Protected


The Internet Security Alliance (ISA), an international, multi-sector trade association founded in 2000 and focused on cyber security. ISA’s Mission is to integrate advanced technology with economics and public policy to create a sustainably secure cyber system. ISA is unique in that it is structured as the internet is, on an international and cross sectoral basis. Although it is structured as a trade association, with corporate rather than individual memberships, many view ISA as equal parts think tank, trade association and professional association. ISA has three major goals;

  1. To generate thought leadership in the field of cyber security, 
  2. To advocate for policy advocacy
  3. To develop and promote sound security practices for public and private organisations. 

ISA’s President and CEO is Larry Clinton who is based outside Washington DC USA. ISA’s European operations are managed by Richard Knowlton, the former Global Director for Security at Vodafone. Mr. Knowlton currently resides in Italy. Noting that while there is a great deal of activity in cyber space there has been comparatively little overarching thought to guide this activity, ISA attempts to construct a coherent approach to the issue that ties together their thought leadership with their policy advocacy and best practice development. ISA seeks to develop programs that are scalable across industry sectors and across nations. For example, ISA believes that the traditional governance model with centrally determined government mandates applied to industry is ill-suited to address cyber attacks because both the technology and attack methods change too quickly for the traditional regulatory apparatus to manage. Moreover, mandating outdated methods to meet compliance regimes diverts scarce cyber security resources to compliance programs with minimal effect. Instead in 2008 ISA developed an alternative approach moved on the Social Contract.

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Killer App(le): the iPhone’s failed competitors


When the iPhone launched in 2007, many saw it as a revolutionary new device – but the scale of the disruption it brought on among the giants of the mobile and computing industries could not have been predicted. Some, like Samsung, have managed to carve out a space for themselves alongside the mighty Apple, and have reaped rich rewards as a result. But many others have fallen foul of their attempts to catch up with the iPhone – including some very big names.

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Zürich –The Modern Approach to Meetings


Zürich’s great location, excellent facilities network and dazzling panorama provide the perfect environment for conventions, meetings or events.

The largest city in Switzerland, Zürich has a history that dates back to its founding by the Romans. Now, Zürich is a leading global city and among the world’s largest financial centres, home to a large number of financial institutions and banking giants. Most of Switzerland’s research and development centres are concentrated in Zürich thanks to its high quality of living, strong culture of innovation and typically Swiss focus on precision.

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Taking Stock of the New Tech Boom


The bull market is marking its five-year anniversary, and the NASDAQ – America’s index of tech stocks – has hit a high not seen since February 2000, when the infamous tech bubble burst. Enormous profits have been made by some investors, but there is speculation now that tech investment is approaching a peak and possibly even a bubble.

The number of companies trading on extremely high valuations is at its highest level since the dotcom crash, and multiple market strategists have issued warnings that the market is overheated and susceptible to a sharp retreat. But are stocks overpriced? And even if they are, can investors still find an edge?

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Why not Tallinn?!


Since the days of the Viking traders, Tallinn has been a meeting point of various cultures and nations. Visitors coming from any direction will find something familiar, and something surprising.

Tallinn is not new or undiscovered
Tallinn is old – first mentioned in the beginning of the 12th century – and the city has been governed by many different rulers throughout the centuries, which has only added to the rich heritage of the city. Tallinn has the best-preserved medieval Old Town in the Northern Europe with its unique milieu and structure that has earned the city a place in the UNESCO´s World Heritage List.

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