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Exploring Financial Horizons: Insights from CEO Tony Fe’ao of Cook Islands Finance

Step into the world of Cook Islands Finance with an exclusive interview featuring CEO Tony Fe’ao. Gain insights into the innovative financial products, brand-building endeavours, and strategic partnerships shaping the organization’s dynamic presence in the ever-evolving international financial services landscape. This interview unveils the multifaceted strategies and forward-thinking initiatives propelling Cook Islands Finance on its mission in the global financial arena.

NEE: What is the remit, mandate and role of Cook Islands Finance?

Tony Fe’ao: The Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority, (FSDA), operating as Cook Islands Finance, is the government agency tasked with the promotion and development of the Cook Islands financial services industry (FSI). Our vision for the FSI is one of an industry that is economically beneficial to the people of the Cook Islands, socially responsible and which enhances our reputation as a relevant, compliant and progressive international financial centre.

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Capital Security Bank – New CEO 2024

Capital Security Bank (CSB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph Horn-Smith as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Horn-Smith has served as CSB’s Chief Operating Officer since February 2021.  In this capacity, he has been instrumental in driving operational excellence and strategic initiatives across all business areas, and possesses a wealth of experience and an enviable track record in financial services. His strategic vision, commitment to innovation, and demonstrable ability to lead in a rapidly evolving market position him as the ideal candidate to guide CSB through its next phase of growth.

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 Building a Future of Trust and Excellence: A Vision for BNF Bank

“As we stand within a rapidly evolving financial landscape, I am excited and determined to lead our Bank into a future that continues to build our reputation, deepens established trust among stakeholders, and propels us toward unparalleled heights of service excellence,” commented Mr David Power Chief Executive Officer at BNF Bank.

BNF Bank’s journey thus far has been marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to its clients, and it is upon this foundation that the team at BNF are committed to build the next chapter of the Bank’s success story.

Preserving and Upholding Trust
“Trust is the cornerstone of any successful financial institution, and we are fortunate to have earned the trust of our esteemed clients, partners, and communities over the years,” noted Mr Power. This trust has been forged through the Bank’s dedication to transparency, integrity, and putting customers’ interests first. “By consistently delivering on our promises and fostering open communication, we will further solidify our position as a bank that can be relied upon in both calm and turbulent times,” he continued.

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Kia Orana! Welcome to the Cook Islands

If you’re an intrepid European traveller who thinks they’ve ‘done it all’, the Cook Islands is guaranteed to reignite your passion for adventure.

As far away as you can get from Europe before you start coming back again, this South Pacific collection of 15 islands is a picture postcard paradise of white sand beaches, azure seas, verdant mountains and 13,000 kindly souls, the bulk of whom live on the main island, Rarotonga, which also acts as the hub for connections on to the other islands. And with direct flights from New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Tahiti, paradise can be reached with just one stop along the way from several major European cities – which also opens up the prospect of two far flung vacations in one!

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Post-Brexit Mutual Free Movement is Becoming ‘Critical’

It is becoming increasingly clear that the UK and the EU must strike a post-Brexit mutual free movement of people agreement if they are both to economically thrive over the next decade and beyond, affirms one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations.

This is the call-to-action assessment from James Green, deVere Group’s Investment Director, as Nigel Farage, one of the biggest, highest-profile advocates of Britain’s departure from the European Union, believes “Brexit has failed.”

It also follows British Home Secretary Suella Braverman addressing labour market shortages in industries such as horticulture in a speech this week, while many senior Conservatives now believe more immigration is needed to boost economic growth.

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Malta – A Lucrative Ecosystem For Startups

Malta has recently launched a residency programme for highly innovative startup and scale up ventures. Non-EU founders who would like to use Malta as their launch pad for their new business, from its strategic location in Europe, now have a viable relocation opportunity, designed specifically for this purpose. CEO Insight spoke to Charles Mizzi, Chief Executive Officer of Residency Malta, the government agency which administers the Programme, to find out about what opportunities await entrepreneurs willing to move.  

CEO Insight:  What is the purpose behind launching the Malta Startup Residence Programme? What will it serve to add to Malta’s existing programme portfolio?

Charles Mizzi: This new Programme is intended to attract more highly innovative startup businesses to our shores, thereby adding to the country’s existing startup ecosystem while attracting skills and talent and boosting our local economy.  This 3+5-year residency programme is specifically designed for non-EU entrepreneurs with highly innovative startups with the aim is to facilitate the immigration process so that founders can fully focus on growing their business, rather than having the strain to renew their residency permits annually. We understand that the first three years are crucial for startups, and this programme helps founders to focus entirely on their operations from a comfortable location. As with all the programmes Residency Malta offers, we are after quality applicants who have viable business projects with disruptive products or services

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Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta

Malta is inviting non-EU entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures, or scale up their existing ones, using Malta as their base. The new Malta Startup Residence Programme is intended for third country nationals who are willing to use Malta’s attractive and lucrative startup ecosystem for their highly innovative startup or scale-up venture.

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