Berlin – Rebirth of Cool

After 30 years of stagnation, the German capital’s real estate market has re-ignited. In fact, it’s been singled out as one of Europe’s top cities for property investment. We report on how Berlin got its mojo back.

After re-unification, Berlin was anything but desirable – except to artists and bohemians vibing on cheap rent (or even free rent) and the incongruity of an isolated city. But all that has changed. Berlin is experiencing a rebirth similar to the one London went through in the late 1990s. It’s becoming a place where people want to live, tourists want to visit, and where commerce wants to do business.

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Invest in Lebanon

Lebanon’s strategic geographical location has been recognised for centuries as a contact point between the east and west and as the gateway to the Middle Eastern market. Home to 1.2 million high-skilled labour force with access to a regional market of 106 million consumers; Lebanon offers plenty of advantages for potential investors planning to set up and to develop new business in the Region.

Economically, investing in Lebanon is a sound decision, financially, it is a fulfilling endeavor and socially it is a rewarding venture.

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Perfect Portugal

Pedro Rocha dos Santos
Estoril has some of the best solution for all your conference needs and we talk to Estoril Congress Center – Director Pedro Rocha dos Santos to find what makes this location so perfect.

What does Estoril have to offer MICE organisers and business travellers?
The Estoril is an unique destination that concentrates a high quality offer for business tourism with venues and hotels at walking distance surrounded by the best incentives, cultural, sports, nature and wellbeing, for both Corporate Events and Association Congresses. At a 20 Km distance from the International Airport of Lisbon and at a 10 minute drive to one of the most fascinating spots in Europe, Sintra considered World Heritage because of its Castles and Monasteries the Estoril Coast offers a variety of services from the International leading Green Congress Centre, first obtaining Green Certification in Europe, to the Glamorous Casino of Estoril which takes you back in history to the time where Kings and Queens and wealthy European families enjoyed during the II World War a period of retirement away from the tragic conflict.

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Dubrovnik Travel DMC

Dubrovnik Travel DMC, specializes in the organization and orchestration of meetings, incentives, exclusive groups and events. With its forty highly trained, multilingual and experienced young professionals, in their Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb offices, DT provides complete support to clients and partners throughout Croatia and its neighboring countries.

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Get connected – an interview with Petra Wassner

Petra Wassner

At the close of 2011, the Eurozone was hardly a place of celebration. The EU was coming apart at the seams; a failed experiment that could implode at any second. Or at least it was if your view of the world was filtered by British press headlines.

But behind the secret agendas, rancour, and sheer bloody mindedness, what is the real story? Petra Wassner is CEO of the economic development agency NRW.INVEST. Being hardwired into Germany’s most successful federal state, surely she would have a clearer view of the answer. We found out with a frank, exclusive interview…

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The Region is located in the northern Dalmatian area where the river Krka flows from the Dinara to the Adriatic Sea, as well as from Pirovac to Rogoznica and makes up a unique political-economical and geographical trading region. The coastal area is distinguished by the indented coast of the shore and the picturesque archipelago consisting of 242 islands, islets and reefs, of which only 6 are populated (Murter, Kaprije, Žirije, Prvić, Zlarin (the island of corals) and Krapanj (the island of sponges). The most popular group of islands is the Kornati, which is located in the south-western part of the county, consisting of 148 islands, islets and cliffs, which because of its natural splendour, cultural-historical inheritance and its unique beauty was pronounced a national park in 1980.

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Welcome to Istria – where Central Europe meets the Mediterranean.

This gorgeous heart-shaped promontory is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. Located between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner, the Istria Peninsula is shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy – but almost 90% of its landmass comes within Croatia’s border.

Istria’s idyllic geographical position brings perfectly balanced seasons – with lush green spring, warm pleasant summers, dramatically colourful autumns, and mild winters. It has the most agreeable weather in the entire Mediterranean.

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Foreign Foodies Direct Investment – Croatia on a plate

Croatia has been on our radar for many year and its seems 2012 is the year they go platinum, amazing beaches, great architecture and a coast line to die for, we give you the heads up on where to go and what to see.

While Britain’s Prime Minister was stage-managing his way towards the bosom of his own political party in Brussels, one nation had inclusion firmly on its mind. As Prime Minister Cameron dashed for the exit, Croatia clinched an agreement to become the 28th member of the European Union. It was symbol of hope against the spectre of protectionism, and proof that optimism for confluence hadn’t been snuffed out just yet.

Of course, Croatia’s final ascension is still 18 months away, but back home the feeling of optimism is palpable.

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