Euro Exim Bank

Meetings by the sea

Overlooking the sea in the very heart of the city of San Sebastian (northern Spain), Kursaal is a cutting edge architectural complex, which has been granted the European Union Mies van der Rohe Award for Architecture. It has the latest technology and offers multipurpose, versatile spaces. The Kursaal conference centre is an ideal location to hold any event format.

The city, San Sebastian, is an elegant and cosmopolitan business destination, headquarters of the International Film Festival and European Culture Capital 2016.

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Galaktika Company

In 2012 Russia became the member of World Trade Organization and that gives a lot of new responsibilities as well as many possibilities for the development of Russian Economy under the new International conditions. It also results in the increase of International meetings and conferences, which take place all over the country and especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Galaktika Company is happy to state that within the last few years the number of components of MICE industry has grown dramatically in Russia.

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Hilton Frankfurt Airport – Where exceptional architecture and design meet Hilton hospitality

Iconic, impressive and ideally situated just 15 minutes away from downtown Frankfurt, the futuristic THE SQUAIRE building is home to the Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. Designed as a horizontal sky scraper with a length of 660 metres and width of up to 65 metres, THE SQUAIRE sets new standards in architecture and design.

“Location, location, location”, Conrad Hilton‘s famous words truly apply to Hilton Frankfurt Airport. The award-winning hotel has an outstanding location at Frankfurt Airport with pedestrian access to Terminal 1. In addition, the stylish hotel offers direct motorway access, and more than 185 high speed trains with rail links across Europe leave from the Inter-City railway station underneath the building on a daily basis.

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New Croatian Architecture: Five Projects by 3LHD

The architecture of Croatia has a long history: the Croats have inhabited the area for 13 centuries, and there are important remnants of earlier Greek and Roman periods still preserved in the country. During the 1960s and 1970s, Yugoslav architects rejected the monumental austerity of Soviet design as well as the Modernist movements of Western design. They created a new school of design called heroic modernism, which is more extravagant, colourful and softer than the Soviet Bloc style. Today, architects in Croatia are resuming where they left off before the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the ensuing war.

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Mastering the Art

With financial markets still highly volatile and interest rates at record lows, the possibility that art and other collectibles could earn tasty returns is appealing to high net worth individuals. Throw in a post-crisis mistrust of financial instruments and a perception that tangible, scarce investments could provide a stable source of value in uncertain times, and it is unsurprising that an increasing number of investors are having a good look at collecting art.

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The slow death of e-mail?

E-mail was once the greatest innovation in written communication since Johannes Gutenberg had a rather clever idea regarding moveable type and printing presses. Letter writing suddenly became very old-skool, innit, and people started referring to it as snail mail. Now, however, e-mail itself is starting to go the same way as letters and, say, Prince Edward: forgotten but not gone.

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Costa de Lisboa – Meet Portugal’s Rising Star for Conferences

Romantic, cosmopolitan and packed with entertainment, Lisbon and its surrounding coastal region are great destinations for a well-rounded conference trip. Diversity is the region’s hallmark. It has extensive beaches ideal for sunbathing or water sports, UNESCO World Heritage sites, picturesque rural landscapes and, of course, an excellent infrastructure for conferences. Lisbon is the only European capital located both on the river and on the coast, and the nearby cosmopolitan resorts of Estoril and Cascais offer a blend of business and pleasure with 19th-century charm.

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