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A Drop in the Ocean – Norway’s Gift That Keeps on Giving

ImageSituated at the southern tip of Western Norway, Stavanger isn’t exactly a huge place – as you’d probably hope for a town that acts as the de facto gateway to the impossibly beautiful Fjords.  The population of 121,000 could never be confused with, say, Sao Paolo or Tokyo; metropolis just doesn’t enter into the equation. 


In fact, you only begin to square with Stavanger’s profile once you understand the city’s nick name: the Petroleum Capital of Norway.  Except there are no nodding-donkey pump jacks here – and even fewer JR Ewing wannabes.  Nope, the black gold, Texas Tea, or whichever name you favour for oil is around 320 km southwest of Stavanger in the Ekofisk oil field.

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Greater Stavanger An energy adventure

ImageGreater Stavanger has excelled on the international scene. Known for its major contribution to the Norwegian success in the competitive global energy marketplace. Norway’s energy capital, Stavanger, is world leading within offshore petroleum industry activities, including contractor as well as service companies.

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Running of the Bulls – Spain’s renowned spectacle is in retreat

Bullfighter and bullSometime back in the early 1970s my family and I were holed up in a grand old hotel in Alicante having missed the flight home from a two week package holiday. 


We weren’t stranded for long – it was Sunday and funds couldn’t be wired until the following morning.  I know this because bullfighting was the only thing available on TV – the experience was indelibly etched upon my mind.

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The rise of pedal power

Man holding a bicycleAnyone who's spent time in one of the major cities in northern Europe will be familiar with the variety of municipal bike schemes on offer.  For years, community groups have promoted bicycle sharing as an easily accessible alternative to motorised travel, a way to reduce the environmental impact of commuting as well as enable residents to become healthier through exercise.  Recently, governments and public bodies have taken up the mantle, promoting bike sharing systems as part of 'intermodal transportation', allowing people to shift easily from other forms of transport to bicycle and back again. 

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Sochi 2014 – everything’s going to be all white

Black Sea, Sochi RussiaThe Olympic Games have long been used as a catalyst for urban planning and regeneration.  You need look no further than London’s 2012 games for evidence of that.  This particular event has given planners an unparalleled opportunity to revitalise Stratford in the city’s East End – effectively waving a magic wand over great swathes of parts of London that have underachieved for the last century.

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