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Tromsø – Land of opportunity

ImageTromsø is located centrally in the High North of Norway, high-lightened as the most important strategic area by the Norwegian government.


Due to its geographically advantageous position the region has developed strong traditions with fishing and other marine and maritime based industries and services.

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Welcome to Stavanger

ImageWhen most people think of Stavanger, the first image that springs to mind is one of oil and gas.

The city, after all, has maintained a close connection to this global sector for over 30 years. Stavanger is home to some of the world’s biggest petroleum companies, including Statoil ASA, whose head office is located in the city.


As an internationally oriented city and the vibrant administrative capital of the county of Rogaland, we fully understand that the region needs to be able to rely on comprehensive air transport access. This is of vital importance to our long-term economic prospects.


Accordingly, the City of Stavanger is keen to invite potential airline partners to take a fresh look at what we have to offer and to come and join us as we look forward to a bright future for the airport, city and the greater region of Rogaland.


We have got the energy and desire to help make new airline routes work over the long term, and we are sure that once you have paid us a visit you will find the energy to establish Stavanger firmly on your route map.

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A Drop in the Ocean – Norway’s Gift That Keeps on Giving

ImageSituated at the southern tip of Western Norway, Stavanger isn’t exactly a huge place – as you’d probably hope for a town that acts as the de facto gateway to the impossibly beautiful Fjords.  The population of 121,000 could never be confused with, say, Sao Paolo or Tokyo; metropolis just doesn’t enter into the equation. 


In fact, you only begin to square with Stavanger’s profile once you understand the city’s nick name: the Petroleum Capital of Norway.  Except there are no nodding-donkey pump jacks here – and even fewer JR Ewing wannabes.  Nope, the black gold, Texas Tea, or whichever name you favour for oil is around 320 km southwest of Stavanger in the Ekofisk oil field.

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Greater Stavanger An energy adventure

ImageGreater Stavanger has excelled on the international scene. Known for its major contribution to the Norwegian success in the competitive global energy marketplace. Norway’s energy capital, Stavanger, is world leading within offshore petroleum industry activities, including contractor as well as service companies.

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Running of the Bulls – Spain’s renowned spectacle is in retreat

Bullfighter and bullSometime back in the early 1970s my family and I were holed up in a grand old hotel in Alicante having missed the flight home from a two week package holiday. 


We weren’t stranded for long – it was Sunday and funds couldn’t be wired until the following morning.  I know this because bullfighting was the only thing available on TV – the experience was indelibly etched upon my mind.

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