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Imatra Region – Russia in your Reach

ImageThe Imatra region is located in South-East Finland, right on the Russian-Finnish border. Only in 230 km from St. Petersburg and the same distance from Helsinki puts it in an excellent position for business. Good and fast-developing means of communication between Europe and Russia become a reality in Imatra. At the flexible and efficient international border crossing point, the Imatra-Svetogorsk road and railway cross the border at the same place. Imatra’s location right on the EU-Russian border and neighbouring with Svetogorsk, add colour to everyday life. Going to work, doing shopping or just visiting over the border is a part of the region’s daily life. 

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Interview with Mayor Jorma Rasinmäki of Seinäjoki

ImageNew European Economy-What is the economic outlook in your region in terms of investment for the coming year and how does it contrast with the previous 12 months?

Mayor Jorma Rasinmäki   The biggest investments have been and continue to be in the construction, technology, logistics and trade & services industries.

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Finland – Brimming with confidence; filled with conviction

ImageFinland is back on the map – it’s official.  But the place isn’t just getting noticed – it’s gone seismic…


Foreign visitors are up by 10%, the capital Helsinki has just been voted the world’s best place to live by an influential British magazine, and the region’s business property market is booming.  With positivity across the board, it’s no wonder that Finnish consumers have responded to a recent survey by expressing resounding confidence in the economy.

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Inherit the Wind – Wind Power Cluster is in the Works in South-East Finland

ImageWind Power is poised for unprecedented growth. By 2020, there is 15,000-20,000MW of new wind power capacity predicted for the Baltic Sea region alone. In North Europe, the figure could reach as high as 100,000MW during the next ten years.

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Citizen Chain – The Greatest Hotel Ever Made?

ImageThe simple ideas are always the best.  It’s a universal truism, but oddly one that hasn’t really been taken to heart by the hospitality industry. 


They fervently believe it’s their subservient duty to bend over backwards while lavishing choice after choice on their guests – from pillow menus to, well, you name it.


CitizenM see it a different way.  And this small but perfectly formed hotel chain has got the less-is-more formula spot on.  With just three locations – Central Amsterdam, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and Glasgow – the have perfected the essence of what a hotel should be. 

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