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Property investment – The L-Word is Back…

During the boom years, you couldn’t move for estate agents, property developers, and TV presenters chanting the property mantra: Location, Location, Location. Now that the market has turned pear-shaped, their chiming clichés are conspicuous by their absence. Except for this timely piece…

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Candy and Candy – Sweetening London’s Top Property Deal

ImageThe headlines scream SPENDING CUTS, the politicians espouse AUSTERITY, and consumer confidence has TANKED.  But while the man/woman in the street is tightening their belts and cutting back on luxuries, London’s glitziest property moguls are rubbing their hands.

That’s because the Candy Brothers, Christian and Nick, have just turned over sales of £62m since January in the biggest recession since the Wall Street Crash.  They’ve redefined luxury at the One Hyde Park development and taken opulence to a whole new level. 

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