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Lebanon, Outsourcing Hub

The Lebanese landscape for outsourcing has been evolving over the last decade and now encompasses a broad range of activities in call center operations, IT outsourcing, and various back office operations. Different regional and multinational companies are now choosing Beirut as their base location to serve the Middle East region; these include enterprises like Samsung, Toshiba, Orange Telecom, Nestle, and others. Several advantages allow Lebanon to offer excellent outsourcing services and compete at the international level.

Internationally renowned education system

Lebanon ranks 10th worldwide for the quality of its higher education, and 4th worldwide for the quality of its math and science education as per the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013.

Cost – competitive and highly skilled workforce

Lebanon provides a pool of readily available, highly skilled, and most importantly tri-lingual labor. The Lebanese workforce is characterized by its strong command of foreign languages, mainly French and English, in addition to the Arabic native language.

This workforce also enjoys competitive labor prices nearly 40% less than in the GCC economies and nearly 50% lower than in selected developed economies.

Established track record

Lebanese enterprises have already accumulated a track record of serving multinational companies at world-class standards.Business services are provided to an array of industries namely: IT, Insurance, Banking, FMCG, Telecom, & Retail. Services offered include but are not limited to: Sales & Marketing, Customer Care, Technical Support, Transaction Processing, Finance & Accounting, as well as HR consultancy.

Enabling infrastructure

Lebanon is ranked 2nd in the region with regards to the digital access index. The index is built around five axes that impact a country’s ability to access ICTs: Infrastructure, Affordability, Knowledge, Quality and Actual Usage of ICTs

Abundant A-class office space is available in both the capital and regional cities. Two digital clusters are equally available within the capital offering prime infrastructure, connectivity, and a vibrant business environment for international companies.

Supportive government

Government entities make sure that enterprises in the BPO business enjoy an efficient and productive infrastructure to achieve their businesses.

The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) offers companies a range of information, facilitation, and follow-up for companies in the outsourcing industry.