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Region Zealand: the leading climate region in Europe

Wind farm in Region ZealandGreen companies have particularly good business possibilities in Region Zealand. Testing facilities, research and competencies are available and more than 170 million DKKR (23 mil. EUR) are spent on climate projects.


Better climate, sustainable energy and green environment are on the agenda in Region Zealand. The region wants to motivate companies working in the industry and investment firms to join.


We want to be the leading climate region across the whole of Europe, says Steen Bach Nielsen, chairman of the Regional Council and chairman of Growth Forum Zealand. – One way to meet this goal is to invite international energy and environment companies to cooperate.  We focus on testing and demonstration facilities and aim to strengthen this field. And as a neighbour to both the greater Copenhagen area, Sweden and Germany, the Region offers exceptional possibilities, Steen Bach Nielsen points out.


Together with the 17 municipalities, Region Zealand has given impetus to a trend for seeing climate-chance challenges as business opportunities to be grasped. One of the results of this is a common climate strategy. When all parties move in the same direction it gives bigger and better opportunities to exploit the business potentials.


The overarching goals in the climate strategy include transforming the entire Region’s energy supply system into renewable sources of energy and strengthening the Region’s position as a developer of new products, services and system solutions in the climate area.  For instance, Region participates in the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.


Farmer with haystack


Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and demo-facilities
Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is a network connecting and coordinating clean-tech partners across industries in the region, for example the national laboratory for sustainable energy, Risø DTU and the investment agency Copenhagen Capacity. The network is important to Region Zealand, because of its potential to assemble many relevant partners, whether as a supplier, science institution or businesses.


There are several testing and demonstration facilities in sustainable energy technology, hydrogen technology, and ethanol made from biomass and 2nd generation technologies within bio-refinement in Region Zealand.


The objective is to create innovative projects and promote the operability and efficiency of new technologies. The demonstration facilities within the region address initiatives for new and advanced technology, particularly for sustainable energy consumption and solutions.


Among the existing facilities in the region, The Lolland (CTF) Community Testing Facilities is an international test- and demonstration platform for technologies and solutions for alternative and sustainable energy.


Another facility is Cluster Biofuels Denmark in Kalundborg that anticipates becoming a leading international test centre for the production of bio-ethanol. The organisation creates strategic networks in order to further develop methods for optimising production. 


Wind farm


Together we can reach our goals
Region Zealand invests in its strong partners. There is a close commitment to partnerships of climate municipalities within the region.  As local cooperation is an important way to meet the climate changes Region Zealand involves science and research institutions and businesses in joint responses.


Chairman Steen Bach Nielsen emphasises: – We believe that together we can meet our common obligations. We have made our first steps to strengthen the ties between the political system, the public institutions, the science and research institutions and business communities in a unique cooperation. The intention is to initiate a unique synergy for our joint efforts, to ensure value and visible effects. Together we can set the agenda for making the regions across Europe greener and more sustainable. We have a chance to act on the global challenges and on the same time ensure sustainable energy resources.  That is a goal worth pursuing.


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