Globally the nature of threat to organisations and individuals is in a state of flux and it is an exercise in futility endeavouring to address or treat each individual threat in isolation. Some individuals and corporate bodies are simply not prepared for a situation arising from their location, environment or individual circumstances. As Specialist Risk advisors we assist clients in understanding risk and support them to continue their life safely and securely irrespective of the location. The solutions produced are holistic in approach, multi layered and integrated maximising assurance and integrity to reduce overall risk and achieve a return upon investment.

Characteristically people become fixated upon media led threats – the terrorist or extremist threat or perhaps that of cyber security – crafting their specific safeguarding or mitigation measures in isolation to the detriment of recognising and treating other potential threats. Frequently the threat is defined by the individual or organisation targeted, through an external perception of who they are, how they conduct themselves, what they represent and the nature of their business. Therefore, recognition by individuals of their intrinsic value and how they can affect that perception is a key factor in acceptance of the need for applied security. Only where a structured process is conducted resulting in a clear understanding of the breadth of threat can appropriate preparedness be undertaken, mitigation measures instituted and preventative activity initiated.

“The quality of delivery to you is assured by employment of proven methods bespoke to your needs.”

Establishing policies, supported by well considered procedures which are rigorously tested is fundamental to managing an incident should it happen; developing an ad hoc response as issues progress is unlikely to produce the desired outcome. Commonly overlooked is the factor that the individual possibly affected by an incident may be the very same Executive to whom others turn to deal with such issues.

In order to remain resilient, individuals and organisations should formulate and establish a capability to manage an incident which will function even in the absence of perceived key individuals. Some issues, which historically are time consuming to resolve, accentuated by the ambient pressures and the cause of much angst, are wholly predictable and could easily have been considered and determined in advance, when planning is devoid of pressures and consideration of the broader implications can be undertaken. Prior planning facilitates more time to consider the unpredictable factors and heighten the likelihood of an acceptable, if not a successful outcome; managing a live incident has consistently proven to be an extremely poor learning environment.

Some organisations seek to make the issue unduly sophisticated however based upon clear simple principles SJM Executive Security supports individuals and organisations, developing and delivering protective security, sympathetic to the principal, from Preparedness, through to Prevention, Response and Restoration. The unique blend of Executive Security’s military, law enforcement and subject specialist resources provides professional support to clients through quality advice and guidance underpinned by technological solutions to provide confidence, reassurance and resilience, aiding them to understand risk and maintain their business irrespective of their location..

The quality of delivery to you is assured by employment of proven methods bespoke to your needs. Working with you as Specialist Advisers and Client Representative, we gain an understanding of you and your business for a comprehensive threat study to be completed from which a clear, discrete, security strategy is founded and bespoke requirements defined. We develop preparedness, by agreement of format and key individuals integrating existing Incident Management structures or producing new processes and associate plans to establish training needs are identified and then the structures are exercise tested to prove their operability.

Using specialist Executive Security advisors and trusted strategic partners mitigation and preventative measures are identified. The accrued expertise includes identification of requirements, design and application of protective security for buildings, assets and individuals, travel security, counter espionage or commercial aggressive intrusion, building electromagnetic assurance and achieving cyber health.

In the unlikely event of an Incident, Executive Security can provide a specialist response consultant capability to identify options and provide recommendations for the optimum resolution of the issue, mentor Incident Managers and provide a dispassionate opinion. Integral with the management of any incident is the implementation of plans to return to normality. Executive Security will aid development of such plans and work with clients to secure business continuity and a return to normality and profitability.

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