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Rovinj – Romantic Mediterranean

Rovinj is considered to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia, a town of exceptional natural beauty with ecological, archeological, and historical values and heritages. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in Croatia, and based on visits and overnight bookings, it is a top destination in both Istria as well as in Croatia.

Apart from its opulent tourist contents, the uniqueness of Rovinj, which was once an island, lies in its inhabitants, its rich tradition and culture, the distinctive core of the old part of the town which is imbued with narrow streets that lead to the magnificent Church of Saint Euphemia, the patron saint of the park and forest “Zlatni rt” (Golden Cape), the rugged coastline that is made up of 16 islands, islets, and cliffs, the Palud ornithological reserve that has more than 200 bird species, and the geological monument of great value and importance, the Quarry Monfiorenzo. The Saint Andrija (Andrew) and Saint Katarina (Catherine) islands are attractive destinations due to their high-quality accommodation which is surrounded by the coast, numerous beaches, and lush vegetation. Developed on its rich fishing tradition, Rovinj has also become recognizable by the unique Rovinj boat – the batana and the songs of fishermen – bitinada. There are many things to do in Rovinj, such as visit the “Kuca o batani” Museum (The Batani House), which depicts the lives of former fishermen in an interactive way, watch the kalafata masters at work as they build boats in the open, or partake in the evening procession of “batanas” accompanied by music to the old “Spacia” tavern where fish delicacies can be tasted and old songs from Rovinj are sung.

The beauty of Rovinj was especially valued by artists who established the art colony more than half a century ago. They painted the most beautiful paintings and exhibited them on the “Grisija” or Artists’ Street, a gallery out in the open, which attracts numerous passersby every year at the beginning of August.

The homeland museum is located in the baroque palace of the Califfi counts and offers interesting and priceless artwork by the ancient masters as well as modern works of art, while lovers of archeology will be fascinated by the ancient settlement in bronze called “Moncodogno,” which dates back to between 2 000 and 1 200 B.C.

Rovinj has also become recognized for its numerous manifestations and events that enrich the town’s repertoire. There are many events that attract large audiences and a large number of guests: numerous regattas, of which the Adris RC44 Cup and the traditional regatta Pesaro – Rovinj – Pesaro are the most significant, international sporting events such as the European Festival of Sport and Recreation, Mudiavocata – the lawyers’ World Cup, various summer festivals such as the Rovinj Summer Festival, BaRoMus – the festival of baroque music, which includes classical music concerts, baroque music and opera music, jazz festivals such as the Avantgarde Jazz Festival, gastro events, “Traditional Fishing Evenings,” “Saint Lawrence Evening,” which provides a romantic atmosphere in the town, “Rovinj Photodays,” numerous exhibitions of which the above-mentioned “Grisia” exhibition is the most famous and unique, as well as congresses such as the Microsoft “Windays” and the “Weekend Media Festival.”

Rovinj is a place that offers infinite possibilities for vacation and relaxation – walks in the beautiful nature, sports and recreational activities, discovering its hidden beauties, cultural antiques, archeological sites, culinary specialties, as well as accommodation in high-quality hotels, tourist settlements, and camps.