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Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta
Malta is inviting non-EU entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures, or scale up their existing ones, using Malta as their base. The new Malta Startup Residence Programme is intended for third country nationals who are willing to use Malta’s attractive and lucrative startup ecosystem for their highly innovative startup or scale-up venture.

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Global Investor
Interview with Charmaine Quinland-Donovan, CEO, CIU Antigua and Barbuda CEO Insight: Why has citizenship investment become so important for global investors? Charmaine Quinland-Donovan: Profit optimization, portfolio diversification, access to new markets and tapping into unique business opportunities are the outcomes global investors pursue.  The early development of the investment migration industry was driven by the need […]

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Durban = Double Digit Growth Opportunities
South Africa is the premium springboard into the African continent, offering a platform into one of the world’s last frontiers of double-digit growth opportunities. So says Russell Curtis, CEO of Invest Durban. Here is a man with reason to be passionate about the metropolitan region he is tasked with attracting new investment into, alongside retaining […]

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Blockchain Protects Our Data, But Who Protects the Blockchain?
In a new whitepaper published this week, OwlGaze, the provider of cutting-edge, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, highlights the prominent security challenges faced by companies operating or dependant on blockchain systems, suggesting an organised approach towards tackling both regulatory and cybersecurity challenges as a joint effort.
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Credit Suisse Takes Up The Offer Of An Emergency Lifeline

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Social Cool – The Interlace

Traditionally, the association between individuals and buildings was solely a functional one, where a house was built with four walls and a roof and, hey presto, job done. A new generation of architects have a different image of buildings that go way beyond just providing a roof over our heads. They aim to not only […]