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Latest IssueNew European Economy provides in-depth coverage of strategic commercial management decisions and their impact on corporate bottom lines across Europe. New European Economy provides practical help and assistance to the CEO’s and CFO’s of mid-market and enterprise sized companies involved in international trade and who are positioned for high levels of growth.

New European Economy is published quarterly and distributed in 32 countries throughout Europe to business leaders actively seeking information on issues of  international expansion, Conferencing and event management, tax, EU regulation, risk management and compliance, insurance and liability, sustainability, finance, business technology, communications and business travel.

The A|N|T team of award-winning journalists and correspondents provide authoritative news and features supported by up-to-the-minute, reliable data and detailed analysis of the most complex, dynamic and innovative issues facing business today. This guarantees exciting and informative journalism; combined with our targeted distributions for each title this provides concrete responses for advertisers. We are acutely aware that clients need to get the very best return from their advertising spend; working with A|N|T Publishing is a direct way of achieving this goal.

A|N|T Publishing has dedicated staff capable of reacting at a moment’s notice to the most challenging of demands. Our in-house, dedicated production department is highly skilled in designing artwork from scratch if required, as well as advising and liaising with clients on the most effective way to display their products or services.