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Greater Stavanger An energy adventure

ImageGreater Stavanger has excelled on the international scene. Known for its major contribution to the Norwegian success in the competitive global energy marketplace. Norway’s energy capital, Stavanger, is world leading within offshore petroleum industry activities, including contractor as well as service companies.


Utilizing international knowledge together with local innovation and expertise, the Norwegian Continental Shelf has become the most energy-efficient producing region in the world, with regional C02 emissions from Norwegian production amounting to less than one-third of the global average per unit produced.


Norwegian technological petroleum excellence is recognized worldwide, and much of this competence is now also being employed to develop greener energy solutions, such as a park of floating windmills off our western coats. Greater Stavanger also excels in other areas. The region is one Norway’s largest industrial regions, a major producer of meat, milk products and vegetables, and known for tourism possibilities.


ImageOpenness and inclusiveness are characteristics of Greater Stavanger’s business community. A centre for innovation, business excellence, culture and tourism, one reason for success in the Stavanger region has been the ability of Government, organizations, various business sectors and industry to work together towards common goals. Value-added business development has created a welcoming atmosphere where local and international networking thrives. Recently, Stavanger has experienced a trend where small start-up companies developed technologically advanced products propelling themselves to be world leaders in their field. Those developments are stimulating excitement and drawing international attention to this growing region.

Whether by rail, sea or air, the Greater Stavanger region is well-connected to both Norway as well as the international environment, and is well-prepared to offer newcomers and residents alike the best of logistic services now and in the future

ImageThe energy capital
Since the discovery of North Sea oil four decades ago, Stavanger has built its reputation as Norway’s oil and energy capital – a wealthy, international city with a modern outlook. Forty years on, the energy industries are still going strong, but now the Stavanger region is also attracting international attention for a whole array of different industries, both old and new. The money is following. Over the past decade, a number of leading finance companies have based themselves in Stavanger to create Norway’s second largest fund management community.


The energy world knows the important role Greater Stavanger plays in the global industry, represented by leading petroleum companies such as Exxon Mobil and BP and others representing the increasingly international energy sector. Nationally, Statoil, the Norwegian oil giant based in Stavanger, is one of the main employers in the region. Home to 280 oil service companies working in all parts of exploration and production value chain, the story doesn’t end there. Nearly 50 energy companies are working with various aspects of energy in order to provide a bright sustainable future in the Greater Stavanger region and beyond.

Connected to the world
One essential part of any region’s success lies in the ability of its logistic infrastructure to be flexible, cost-effective, on-time, and in-tune with both the needs of industry, as well as the demands of the ever-changing international business environment. One key to Greater Stavanger’s success in this area is the close coordination between local industry and the heart of the transportation in the region – the Port of Risavika, the Sola International Airport and Ganddal Freight Terminal.

Whether by rail, sea or air, the Greater Stavanger region is well-connected to both Norway as well as the international environment, and is well-prepared to offer newcomers and residents alike the best of logistic services now and in the future.

ImageHighest Quality of Life
Norway has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the world, and the Stavanger region prides itself in representing the best of what can be found in this country. Economically, the region remains strong. With a flexible and talented industrial and business base, the Stavanger region’s economy has continued to grow despite the international economic crisis.

Not surprisingly, the Stavanger region is an attractive destination for many temporary or permanent employees who relocate from other countries. Another reason that top professionals are moving to the Stavanger region is that there are so many cutting-edge companies and organizations in the country working within oil and gas, the food sector, research, medicine, and other areas of expertise.


About Greater Stavanger:
Greater Stavanger works with strategic economic development in one of Europe's leading regions.
We work towards the success of business development in the Stavanger region, and to attract more people to move and live here and for international companies to establish themselves in the region. We have offices in Stavanger, Norway, Houston, Texas, Brussels, Belgium and Houston, United States.

Top 10 reasons to Invest in Norway

1. Stable political conditions with well-developed welfare model
2. High economic growth over many years
3. One of the world’s richest countries
4. Healthy government financials (world’s highest credit values)
5. Open economy well positioned in relation to globalization and growth in emerging markets
6. Large natural resources (oil, gas, wind, fish and hydropower)
7. High willingness and ability to use new technology
8. High level of education, high competence in labour market
9. Favourable demographics (less aging population than in many other countries)
10. Travel and nature