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Tromsø – Land of opportunity

ImageTromsø is located centrally in the High North of Norway, high-lightened as the most important strategic area by the Norwegian government.


Due to its geographically advantageous position the region has developed strong traditions with fishing and other marine and maritime based industries and services.


In the 20th century, these traditional strengths have developed in comprehensive world class science institutions and high tech knowledge based service industries. Marine bio-prospecting, bio-technology, sustainable ocean management, sustainable aquaculture and fisheries and distance spanning technologies and services are a few examples of the innovations and services bridging history with future.


Furthermore the proximity to the Arctic Sea with its richness of marine and hydrocarbon resources drives Tromsø continuously to find the best ways to exploit and manage the resources and the environment.

Hub of competency
Tromsø has a very strong competency profile, ranging from marine and maritime sector, preparedness, oil & gas exploration, health IT, space & satellites to biotechnology, medicine and social sciences.


The region hosts the world’s northernmost university, the Polar Environmental Centre, The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, and also high competence companies like Kongsberg Satellite Services, Front Exploration, NOFI Tromsø, Biotech Pharmacon, ProBio, Akvaplan Niva and Barlindhaug.


Through institutions and companies like this, the Tromsø region has become very attractive to global professionals seeking exciting job opportunities, scientific seeding and investment, and business development possibilities.


Tromsø is also committed to adding value to the local economy.  Tromsø’s Science Park hosts the Barents BioCentre, a large facility for supporting the development of the biotechnology sector in the Tromsø region. The FRAM centre is another local hive of multidisciplinary research organisations that address the major challenges which arise from climate change in the North.


Tromsø has holds an exalted position as the major infrastructure hub in the Barents-Euro-Arctic region. Throughout history, Tromsø’s the ice-free harbor has facilitated high economic and scientific importance in the northern areas.  It has served the fishing industry, scientific expeditions into the Arctic, as well as trading. As one of five Norwegian harbors dedicated to efficient and safe sea transport of people and goods, the harbor is also of high strategic importance.


In the sparsely populated High North, Tromsø airport very adequately serves the needs of Tromsø’s merely 70 000 inhabitants, its high competence sectors and other industries. And, of equal importance, it opens up for visitors from everywhere to attend the many conferences, meet other professionals and visit the many tourist attractions and stunning landscapes in North Norway. Through the many flight connections to destinations both domestically and abroad Tromsø is efficiently connected to the international community.


Attractive place for living
Tromsø has a reputation for its quality of life – not least for the incredible beauty of its natural surroundings which act as a backdrop to the city.  In town, there are a large choice of urban cafés and good restaurants.  There are also a countless number of indoor sport and cultural activities and an abundance of possibilities of outdoor activities which utilise the local wilderness.


The region is very family friendly due to full coverage of kindergartens and a range of recreational and cultural activities for children. There is also the Tromsø International School and the relocation service INN Tromsø that offers foreign professionals and their families customized support in the relocation- and integration process.