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xinium XXA: The Only Token in the World With the Force Majeure Asset Protection Backup

Ixinium XXA project started in 2017, launched on the Stellar network in 2019. Today Ixinium XXA is one of the most traded tokens in the Stellar blockchain.

Stellar network’s popularity is continuously growing, based on the lowest transaction fees and the fastest transactions in the industry. Where else can you make over 20 million transactions within less than $100 with the 2-5 second transaction speed?

The biggest Stellar protocol update is coming, Stellar DeFi and AMM The Stellar Development Foundation will enable (hyperlink to an automated market maker (AMM) functionality. Ixinium XXA has gone one step ahead and has already launched the first Stellar network BuyBack program for the Ixinium XXA.

What makes Ixinium XXA so unique is the structure behind the token itself. Its value base is built with physical precious metals, which act as Force Majeure protection. The precious metals purchasing program started in 2020 and is ongoing, adding the base value for the Ixinium XXA token. The goal is to build a precious metal-based collateral value base greater than the market value of the XXA token. Each purchase USD value is tokenized to the Stellar blockchain using the Ixinium Asset Token (IXAT). These purchase reports are available on the official Ixinium website.

By the end of 2021, Stellar is targeting to open DeFi and AMM functionality bringing along buyback, liquidity pool, coin burn and lending functions for the XXA, to name a few.

Read more detailed information about the Stellar AMM:

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