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The Regional GroupInternational investors are discovering what Bahamians have unwittingly kept as a local secret which is that The Bahamas is more than a single destination. The Bahamas is an island nation with Seven 700 islands and 2,400 cays spanning 100,000 square-miles extending southeast from Florida in the United States of America to northern Hispaniola. The Regional Group is committed to introducing The Bahamas to international investors as a multifaceted jewel of investment possibilities, ready to accommodate a full spectrum of real estate development. Professionals within the group and those sourced by the Group to provide services to  the Group’s clientele  have over the past two decades facilitated investments ranging from high end mixed use resort projects to private single family residential investments, usually coupled with securing immigration status for the individual investor.



The Regional Group is unique in its capacity to provide a one stop shop for investors. The Regional Group simplifies and provides focus to the investment process which may begin the initial exposure of the potential investor to real estate available for acquisition and development. It may also give direction in connection with the development of conceptual plans, legal support and where necessary provide guidance on the preparation of economic and environmental impact assessments for more sophisticated projects. The Regional Group may also take responsibility for structuring applications and facilitating proposals to relevant government bodies and regulators and has the expertise and experience to see developments through the construction phase ending with occupancy and commencement of business. Investors interested in The Bahamas may also access The Regional Group for personal assistance with local transportation and  accommodation on visiting The Bahamas and providing support for those persons  considering not only investing but also residing in The Bahamas.

Ms Melanie Roach Director and CEO of the Regional Group has more than two decades of experience in a broad range of investment and development related activity, including project management, contract administration, and regulatory processes and compliance.
What makes The Bahamas especially attractive to the international investor is a combination of factors unique to the country. These factors include the status of The Bahamas as a sovereign nation and its strategic geographical proximity to North America. The Bahamas is accessible through convenient air lift to all major economies in the Western Hemisphere and Europe. Additionally the Bahamas has enjoyed a stable government based on a Westminster model with a track record of more than 230 years of unbroken parliamentary democracy. It also boasts a responsible judiciary, administering a jurisprudence based on internationally respected common law traditions.


Not the least however in attracting investors and potential new residents to The Bahamas is the welcoming disposition of the Bahamian people. The Bahamas is known primarily as a vacation destination and a regional leader in Tourism. The warmth of its people  which provides the basis for an effective tourism product also provides an endearing professional and social dimension which  has drawn to and maintained within The Bahamas a growing community of satisfied  high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals.


With a growing number of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals choosing the Bahamas as the destination of choice based on quality of lifestyle and capacity for overseeing their global enterprises, it is a natural development for both the public and private sector of The Bahamas to provide an increasingly unmatched facility for ease of conduct of international business. What is encouraging is the ongoing initiatives within The Bahamas to i)  streamline immigration procedures to afford  preferred investors an advantageous immigration status, ii) provide  an environment from  which capital investment may be  made into the major economies of North, Central  and South America, including attracting corporate headquarters for global businesses with actual physical presence in The Bahamas, iii) expand and upgrade international airport facilities,  iv) maintain fit for  purpose infrastructure throughout the archipelago, v) implement new legislation to support international insurance and aircraft related services and vi) conduct  ongoing review of financial services and wealth management  legislation which is currently recognized as already innovative and cutting edge.


These initiatives together with the unique character of The Bahamas and its people create an exceptional context for the services provided by the Regional Group.


Melanie Roach

Melanie Roach

Melanie Teresa Roach, MSc, MICE, CEng., a Civil Engineer with 28 years of experience
Melanie Roach Director and CEO of The Regional Group Ltd.  and is also President of Shepherd U Management Co. which provides a range of specialized services including technical consultancy support to projects. She is the former Director of Public Works in the Ministry of Works and Transport, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  She holds a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies (Trinidad) and a Master of Engineering Science degree from the University of Melbourne (Australia).  During Ms. Roach’s 23 years in the Public Service she has worked in every technical section in the Ministry of Works and also served in the Ministry of Education as the Civil Works Coordinator during a two year secondment.