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Interview with Charmaine Quinland-Donovan, CEO, CIU Antigua and Barbuda

CEO Insight: Why has citizenship investment become so important for global investors?

Charmaine Quinland-Donovan: Profit optimization, portfolio diversification, access to new markets and tapping into unique business opportunities are the outcomes global investors pursue.  The early development of the investment migration industry was driven by the need for investors, particularly from jurisdictions whose travel documents did not afford ease of travel, to have access to greater mobility.  However, as the industry has developed, all of the traditional investment imperatives are also operating as pull factors for many global investors.  As such, they are in pursuit of much more than mobility – they are in search of options, both for their commercial interests as well as their lifestyle.  Citizenship paves the way for real societal and economic integration: global investors understand, adopt to and transform the industries and economies in which they operate.  There is a duality of benefit as the host countries receive direct inward investment, augment skills and competencies and foster the growth of the many ancillary activities which accompany the increased economic activity.

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Captive Audience – How Cayman is leading the way

Image“The outlook is very positive – I firmly believe that the worst of the downturn is behind us,” says McKeeva Bush, Cayman Islands Prime Minister.  “Investment opportunities in our real estate market are already quite lucrative.


The bottom line is that we have a secure business environment that has always been open and ready for business and we take special care to facilitate investment that is a good fit for us.”

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The Real Deal – The Regional Group

The Regional GroupInternational investors are discovering what Bahamians have unwittingly kept as a local secret which is that The Bahamas is more than a single destination. The Bahamas is an island nation with Seven 700 islands and 2,400 cays spanning 100,000 square-miles extending southeast from Florida in the United States of America to northern Hispaniola. The Regional Group is committed to introducing The Bahamas to international investors as a multifaceted jewel of investment possibilities, ready to accommodate a full spectrum of real estate development. Professionals within the group and those sourced by the Group to provide services to  the Group’s clientele  have over the past two decades facilitated investments ranging from high end mixed use resort projects to private single family residential investments, usually coupled with securing immigration status for the individual investor.


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Licensed to Make a Killing

ImageJames Bond loves his Dom Perignon, his Aston Martin, and his martinis shaken not stirred – but he loves the Bahamas more…


This island nation of 2,400 heart stoppingly beautiful cays covering 100,000 of the Atlantic off the coast of Florida has been Bond’s store front in four separate movies.

The reason for this is simple – The Bahamas exemplifies the natural playground of the internationally wealthy better than anywhere else in the world.

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Cayman Collapse – Much Ado about nothing?

McKeeva Bush

McKeeva Bush

The Cayman Islands have been singled out by the British press over allegations that this Offshore Financial Centre is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Are rumours regarding the demise of the world’s leading OFC wholly accurate or just dramatic headline copy?  The New European Economy is determined to find the answer.  Chief writer Matt Bysshe grills Cayman Leader of Government Business and Premier designate, McKeeva Bush on the real future of the Cayman Islands.

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Storm in Tea Cup – OFCs Under Attack

Since the financial firestorm tore through the world markets there has been an inordinate amount of finger-pointing and scapegoating.  The stockbrokers and bankers have felt the crack of the whip, the hedge fund managers have had their swaggers beaten out of them, and now the offshore financial centres are being broadsided.

The Moody rating confirms the Cayman Islands’ status as one of the most highly rated financial services jurisdictions in the world.

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St Vincent

Investment Opportunities abound in St.Vincent and the Grenadines

St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is a sovereign state situated in the Eastern Caribbean at the Southern end of the Windward Islands chain. It is an English speaking archipelago. St.Vincent is the mainland. The Grenadine islands include: Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island, Petit St.Vincent and other uninhabited states and privately owned islets.

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