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Imatra Region – Russia in your Reach

Imatra Rapid's show and Power plant

The Imatra region is located in South-East Finland, right on the Russian-Finnish border. Only in 230 km from St. Petersburg and the same distance from Helsinki means Imatra is in an excellent position for business. Good and fast-developing communication between Europe and Russia is now a reality in Imatra. At the flexible and efficient international border crossing, the Imatra-Svetogorsk road and railway cross the border at the same place. Imatra’s location right on the EU-Russian border, neighbouring with Svetogorsk, adds an additional touch of colour to everyday life. Going to work, shopping or just visiting over the border is a part of the region’s daily life.

Application of microfibrillated cellulose

Renewable Energy Production and Biomaterials
The Imatra region is a central part of Europe’s largest forest industry cluster, which is the second largest in the world. New bioenergy, biofuel and bioprocessing production processes are springing up alongside the traditional forest industry and enterprises in the region are eager to invest in these. For example, Stora Enso is taking a significant step forward in renewable materials innovation and the fibre packaging cluster in the area, recently attracting a new significant international player in the form of Tetra Pak who are starting their packaging production in Imatra. Stora Enso has taken a significant step forward in renewable materials innovation by building a pre-commercial plant at Imatra for the production of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC). With MFC it will be able to develop lighter, stronger renewable packaging materials. The applications of this renewable material may well extend to replacing today’s fossil-based materials such as plastics and some speciality chemicals, including aluminium. New methods and materials will be used in the production of existing and new fibre-based paper and board products, barrier materials, and other potential future applications. It is not only an example of path-finding innovation for the benefit of consumers but also for the good of the planet.

Tourism and Services
During the 19th century, the Imatra Rapids were Finland’s largest tourism destination. Throughout history, famous cultural icons, such as Sibelius and Stravinsky, and Russian aristocrats, as well as many European artists have visited Imatra and fallen in love with it. The distinctiveness of Alvar Aalto’s architecture never fails to strike a chord. Tourism, services and the development of commerce have created a variety of exciting opportunities for new business activities in the Imatra region. Tourism is an industry with enormous potential in the region, the number of overnight stays, border-crossings and tax-free sales are growing in average by 45% monthly, resulting in many more recreation facilities currently under construction.

The pure and wild nature of South Karelia offers many activities for the adventure minded or those searching for some peace. The clear forest air, beautiful view of the Lake Saimaa and exciting display of Imatra Rapids makes a visit to Imatra unforgettable. More information:

Imatra Business Park, Green Field
These 80 hectares of land, owned by the town of Imatra, are located on the Finnish-Russian border with excellent logistics and transportation routes. Canal and train connections have always been important in the Imatra region. The area, where Business Park stands, is within sight of both countries’ border stations. Imatra and Svetogorsk business parks are located practically side by side, only about 700 metres apart and with only the national border between them. Imatra Business Park is a virgin area for future industry and logistics. Facilities can easily be tailor-made for enterprise needs. Recently two new businesses have decided on placing premises in Imatra Business Park.
Kehy, the Imatra Region Development Company, offer versatile services for companies interested in locating here. Kehy has a strong background in business development and has excellent experience in working in cooperation with Russia. Kehy provide expert help in relation to Imatra Business Park and business development in the area as a whole.

Imatra Region can be seen as a gateway to the East, in particular to the huge market of the Russian Federation. As well Imatra offers a great number of opportunities for Russian companies going to Western markets. The location of the Imatra Region provides excellent conditions for internationally significant cooperation between the border communities and business development. Combine all these reason with the local availability of a highly competent work force and real cost-effectiveness, makes Imatra the place to do business.