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The Shock of the New – How VBS.TV put terrestrial television on the back foot

TelevisionVBS.TV is the online broadcasting arm of Vice magazine.  It’s hit the headlines in recent times – firstly for attracting investment from MTV, secondly for having its wildly left-field documentaries snapped up for broadcast on CNN, and lastly for securing the services of Spike Jonze as Creative Director.


Chances are, neither VBS.TV or Vice mean anything to you – but these niche media brands and buzzwords signify plenty to the united legion of hipsters that populate cities across the globe.  But don’t worry about that, Steven D Wright our TV producer guinea pig hadn’t heard of VBS either. 

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Digital Revolution – The Power of Ones and Zeros

As the UK’s general election has drawn closer, issues regarding the relevance of online social networking and the influence of online opinion have grown proportionately.


The politicians are fully aware that reputations are being forged or indeed flattened by judgements being made and disseminated online.


The poster campaign for the Conservative Party’s leader, David Cameron, is a perfect example.  Cameron’s face was scaled up to Brobinnagian proportions with an expression that was meant to represent empathy and sincerity.  Big mistake…

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Legal High – the rise and rise of Spotify

Spotify logoHailed as a potential saviour of the music industry, Daniel Ek's digital solution is devilishly simple: give them what they want.  NEE profiles the brains behind Spotify.


The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) estimate that 95% of all music downloads are illegal.  File sharing has been the music industry’s bête noire since the dawn of the internet.  The wayside is littered with start ups with good intentions that have failed to stem this negative flow.  Then along came Spotify… 

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Apps – The Power of One

iPhoneTwo years ago you’d probably never heard of them; now, you’re lost without them.  Put simply, your smartphone – loaded with apps – is probably the most crucial development to hit the business landscape since the suit and tie.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, apps (an abbreviation of applications) are mini-programs which users can download and store on their smartphone – be it an iPhone, Blackberry, or Google’s Android phone.  Apps may be small, but they have the power to transform your mobile phone into the digital equivalent of a Swiss Army knife; a tool so versatile you’ll instantly wonder how you ever coped without it.

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All Fired Up – Europe’s Most Powerful CEO

Energy is always a hot topic – especially when high prices set the agenda.  Even E.ON's CEO Wulf Bernotat isn't immune from the hikes. NEE reports on testing times for one of the world's biggest power brokers in the business.

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