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Malta – A Lucrative Ecosystem For Startups

Malta has recently launched a residency programme for highly innovative startup and scale up ventures. Non-EU founders who would like to use Malta as their launch pad for their new business, from its strategic location in Europe, now have a viable relocation opportunity, designed specifically for this purpose. CEO Insight spoke to Charles Mizzi, Chief Executive Officer of Residency Malta, the government agency which administers the Programme, to find out about what opportunities await entrepreneurs willing to move.  

CEO Insight:  What is the purpose behind launching the Malta Startup Residence Programme? What will it serve to add to Malta’s existing programme portfolio?

Charles Mizzi: This new Programme is intended to attract more highly innovative startup businesses to our shores, thereby adding to the country’s existing startup ecosystem while attracting skills and talent and boosting our local economy.  This 3+5-year residency programme is specifically designed for non-EU entrepreneurs with highly innovative startups with the aim is to facilitate the immigration process so that founders can fully focus on growing their business, rather than having the strain to renew their residency permits annually. We understand that the first three years are crucial for startups, and this programme helps founders to focus entirely on their operations from a comfortable location. As with all the programmes Residency Malta offers, we are after quality applicants who have viable business projects with disruptive products or services

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Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta

Malta is inviting non-EU entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures, or scale up their existing ones, using Malta as their base. The new Malta Startup Residence Programme is intended for third country nationals who are willing to use Malta’s attractive and lucrative startup ecosystem for their highly innovative startup or scale-up venture.

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Global Investor

Interview with Charmaine Quinland-Donovan, CEO, CIU Antigua and Barbuda

CEO Insight: Why has citizenship investment become so important for global investors?

Charmaine Quinland-Donovan: Profit optimization, portfolio diversification, access to new markets and tapping into unique business opportunities are the outcomes global investors pursue.  The early development of the investment migration industry was driven by the need for investors, particularly from jurisdictions whose travel documents did not afford ease of travel, to have access to greater mobility.  However, as the industry has developed, all of the traditional investment imperatives are also operating as pull factors for many global investors.  As such, they are in pursuit of much more than mobility – they are in search of options, both for their commercial interests as well as their lifestyle.  Citizenship paves the way for real societal and economic integration: global investors understand, adopt to and transform the industries and economies in which they operate.  There is a duality of benefit as the host countries receive direct inward investment, augment skills and competencies and foster the growth of the many ancillary activities which accompany the increased economic activity.

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Durban = Double Digit Growth Opportunities

South Africa is the premium springboard into the African continent, offering a platform into one of the world’s last frontiers of double-digit growth opportunities.

So says Russell Curtis, CEO of Invest Durban. Here is a man with reason to be passionate about the metropolitan region he is tasked with attracting new investment into, alongside retaining and expanding that which is already there.

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Malta: An Island Paradise For Digital Nomads 

The future is digital, and as a country that propels its economy forward by looking beyond the horizon, Malta has been among the first European countries to invest its talent and resources in creating the Nomad Residence Permit. The idea behind this permit, launched in June of last year, is to offer a temporary stay permit for digital nomads.

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Bank on Euro Exim

Euro Exim Bank has been at the forefront of the Trade Finance Industry for many years, and continues to show strong growth.  Whilst not letting a  global pandemic  slow them down and  continuing  to provide a fast and effective  service to  global businesses. We sit down with Dr Graham Bright , Head of Compliance and Operations Euro Exim Bank Ltd to discuss  where it all went right.

New European Economy : Can you tell us what the next 12 months potentially has in store for Euro Exim Bank global operations?

Dr Graham Bright: With every nation experiencing unprecedented challenges with rising domestic utilities, food, commodities and transport fees, the public in general has become much more cautious in spending as companies review their borrowings and expenditure. All at a time when the UK consumer is now informed of eye-watering 42% expected increases in energy bills coming in November 2022.

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NFTs hit by ‘Crypto Winter

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as the latest craze to engulf the crypto world over the past 12 months. The process of storing and owning a unique (non-fungible) digital asset via blockchain technology has seen the industry capture the interest and disposable income of many.

However, there are fears that this new and exciting world consisting of ‘bored apes’, GIFs and cartoon heads has already reached its peak. One of 2021’s most high-profile NFT sales, Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, sold for $2.9 million. However, as of May 2022, the infamous tweet is now valued at a fraction of its initial sale price – as little as $10,000, according to a recent report by CNBC.

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