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You Provide the Occasion – We Take Care of the Rest



Sagaevents delivers a range of services to cater to your every whim. Whether it’s advice you require or handling your event from A-Z it will be within our range. Our strength lies in the vast experience and knowledge we’ve acquired from producing events for over 10 years. We are one of the few companies in Iceland capable of producing large international events. This, in part, is because of our close co-operation with our sister companies; Sagafilm, Iceland’s leader in film and TV production, and Luxor, our light and technical equipment rental service.

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Spoil Your Senses on the Istrian Peninsula



A large heart-shaped peninsula jutting down into the northern Adriatic, Istria offers some of the best of Croatian tourism. The region’s proximity to Western Europe means that it is very accessible. Part of Italy during the early part of the 20th century, it is beautiful along both its coast and inland with its pretty hilltop towns. This hilly interior produces high-quality wine, olive oil,

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Green Travel Awaits

Rail travel is by far the greenest and most sustainable way to travel, we asked Sales & Marketing Manager Silvia Goerlach from Eurail Group about these benefits and how you can save time and money.

New European Economy: First of all, can you introduce us to your offering? What is the difference between Eurail and InterRail?

Silvia Goerlach: We provide an easy means to travel all over Europe on a rail pass. Customers can hop on and off the train and use their rail pass flexibly. There are several options regarding geography and travel timeframes. The InterRail Pass is for European customers and offers travel in 30 European countries, including the UK.

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Rail Travel: Sustainable, Smart, Stress-Free

Rail rules the roost when it comes to sustainable travel. Trains contribute just 1.8% of the greenhouse-gas emissions relating to domestic travel, a miniscule percentage compared with the more than 90% generated by cars, lorries and other road vehicles. As a key mode of public transport, rail has a vital role to play in making travel more accessible and equitable. It’s essential to national economies too, helping companies to move their goods cheaply and efficiently while getting millions of people to their workplaces each day.Rail travel is also coming into its own on an international scale.

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Sit Back and Relax

With air travel plagued by long security checks and delays, not forgetting the carbon footprint, we talk to Silvia Goerlach, the new Marketing and Sales Manager at Eurail Group, G.I.E. about how best manage your time, and consider the environmental issues when it comes to European travel.
New Europeam Economy: What are Eurail and InterRail Passes and who can buy one?

Silvia Goerlach: Eurail and InterRail are European railpass concepts with a long tradition. They stand for a European holiday experience by train that a lot of people experienced in their youths. Most people are not aware that Inter-Rail or Eurail Passes can nowadays be used in all age classes and that besides rail travel a lot of benefits come along with the pass.

While the Eurail Pass addresses non-European customers, the InterRail Pass is targeted at Europeans. Global Passes, our most popular passes, offer free and flexible travel in Europe. Customers can hop on and off the trains that are running on Europe’s extensive railway network, on up to 252.000 kilometres of tracks and profit from a range of extra benefits. Additionally, customers can choose to travel in selected countries.

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