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Rail Travel: Sustainable, Smart, Stress-Free

Rail rules the roost when it comes to sustainable travel. Trains contribute just 1.8% of the greenhouse-gas emissions relating to domestic travel, a miniscule percentage compared with the more than 90% generated by cars, lorries and other road vehicles. As a key mode of public transport, rail has a vital role to play in making travel more accessible and equitable. It’s essential to national economies too, helping companies to move their goods cheaply and efficiently while getting millions of people to their workplaces each day.Rail travel is also coming into its own on an international scale.

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Sit Back and Relax

With air travel plagued by long security checks and delays, not forgetting the carbon footprint, we talk to Silvia Goerlach, the new Marketing and Sales Manager at Eurail Group, G.I.E. about how best manage your time, and consider the environmental issues when it comes to European travel.
New Europeam Economy: What are Eurail and InterRail Passes and who can buy one?

Silvia Goerlach: Eurail and InterRail are European railpass concepts with a long tradition. They stand for a European holiday experience by train that a lot of people experienced in their youths. Most people are not aware that Inter-Rail or Eurail Passes can nowadays be used in all age classes and that besides rail travel a lot of benefits come along with the pass.

While the Eurail Pass addresses non-European customers, the InterRail Pass is targeted at Europeans. Global Passes, our most popular passes, offer free and flexible travel in Europe. Customers can hop on and off the trains that are running on Europe’s extensive railway network, on up to 252.000 kilometres of tracks and profit from a range of extra benefits. Additionally, customers can choose to travel in selected countries.

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The Jewel of the Med

Cyprus is a country of two halves – the northern and southern regions representing two contrasting histories, cultures and traditions, with the island as a whole sharing an unrivalled beauty. You’d be forgiven for failing to notice it while scanning a map of Europe, as Northern Cyprus covers such a minute area of approximately 3,000sq miles, surrounded by the crisp turquoise sparkle of the Mediterranean Sea. Nonetheless, this small business destination has a big character showcasing extraordinary historical and cultural heritage.

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Malta Teases As Business Destination

The archipelago of Malta lies in the sparkling southern half of the magnificent Mediterranean, some 100 kilometres south of Sicily. Its location has given it great strategic importance throughout history and a succession of royal powers have battled to rule the archipelago. An independent member of the Commonwealth, Malta joined the European Union (EU) in 2004 and became part of the Eurozone in 2008. It is a favoured tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas and architectural and historical monuments. It is now, however, also becoming increasingly popular as a business destination.

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The New Russia

According to Russian tradition, at the end of the year we recollect and summarize all passed events. We analyze victories and losses in order to improve our activities in the future, as each experience is important to us. Traditionally we wish everybody’s next year to be more successful than the previous one.

In 2012 the Galaktika Company had several very highlights, such as the Windsor group in St Petersburg, Kiev 2012 World Football Championship in Kiev and FFI pre-launch project in Moscow.

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Massively reduce data roaming costs with roamline

It’s the season to be… nervous?

Last year your top sales employee was lying belly-up on the sandy beaches of Southern Thailand enjoying his holiday bonus. With thoughts of foggy London town dissipating with each sip of Mai Tai, he rolled onto his side and directly onto his iPad. Unbeknown to him, his Google Maps location services activated and his data services kicked into high gear.

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Rovinj – Romantic Mediterranean

Rovinj is considered to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia, a town of exceptional natural beauty with ecological, archeological, and historical values and heritages. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in Croatia, and based on visits and overnight bookings, it is a top destination in both Istria as well as in Croatia.

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Adventure Playground – Peru

It is scenically stunning, has adrenaline pumping adventure and oozes culture from every corner, Peru most certainly has something to offer for everyone. With a population of nearly 30 million the Peruvians have nurtured a wonderful country. Its beautiful landscape, history soaked civilization and abundance of opportunities for exploration is what makes this country a leading choice for tourism in South America. I’m going to show you the top spots to visit for every type of tourist. Peru is an ideal location for incentive tours also as it genuinely has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re out for the sites or ready for some action here’s how to do, Peru.

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