The making of a sustainable bio-based economy

The bio-based economy is currently driven by public policy (especially EU legislation) and private investment. Finland is a forerunner in next-generation renewable fuels and forest-based bioenergy concepts. The Imatra-Lappeenranta Region in southeastern Finland is a central location for the European forestry industry, with several major production sites within a small geographical area. Due to the region’s history and culture of bio-based industry, there is also a concentration of small- and medium-sized enterprises that are experienced in process industry related technology and services. The synergy between existing industries and future possibilities is tangible.

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The World’s Smartest Cities

Since the first accumulation of hunter-gatherers into villages many thousand years ago, urbanisation has been ongoing and regular. About half of the world’s population now live in urban areas, and it is predicted that by 2050 some 65% and 85% of the developing and developed world respectively, will be urbanised. Expanding cities bring their own problems, however, the movement is well under way to find smart solutions. Smart cities are a new style of city providing sustainable growth and designed to encourage healthy economic activities that reduce the burden on the environment while improving the quality of life.

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Time to Understand

We talk to Nilsy Desaint from EuropaBio about Biotechnology and the role it plays in a modern world.

Biotechnology has a huge potential in alleviating environmental, human health and economic challenges.

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Insights about biotechnology in Colombia: the successful case of CorpoGen in Bogota DC, Colombia.

In 2011, the Colombian Government approved a policy aimed at promoting biotechnology and the sustainable use of biological resources (CONPES 3697), as part of the current National Development Plan (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2010-2014). The aim is to establish the conditions necessary to attract private and public investment in biotechnological endeavours. These include legislation that will allow access to genetic and biological resources, commercialization of products and the establishment of venture capital funds for investment.

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Madrid – go for your conference, stay for its architecture

For those looking to plan a business conference in a lively, thriving city marked by eclectic historic and contemporary architecture, Madrid could be just the ticket. In recent decades, Madrid has undergone a huge expansion of its overall infrastructure for convention and conference facilities and special-event venues. A congenial blend of an old European city and modern facilities, Madrid has culture, style and energy. Its transportation infrastructure has played an important role in helping the city attract congresses and incentive programs: a fourth terminal has been added at Madrid Barajas Airport, the subway has been enlarged and new four and five-star hotels have been added to the urban fabric. The International Congress & Convention Association has identified Madrid as the third most popular city in the world for congresses, and the Union of International Associations has identified it as the seventh city in the world for convention tourism.

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Get it Right – Conference Connection

Getting the location right is key to the perfect meeting or conference, we give you a rundown of one of our favourites – Leipzig.

Leipzig, Germany, known for its large trade fairgrounds and its important place in world commerce, is today fast becoming a centre for multi-cultural sights and activities too. The city is a hub for conference and trade events and this has led to great developments for the urban area. Why has Leipzig become this world conferencing centre and can the city itself handle the challenge?

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Old World Style – Thoroughly Modern Content

It’s been variously described as the new Prague, Vienna, and even Paris. But the truth is Ljubljana is all of these things – and consequently, a meetings and incentives destination that really does cover all bases.

You want a stately hilltop with a clear emerald-green river winding through the city? You’ve got it. A place you can explore on foot but with enough culture, sights, activities and good old-fashioned fun to be the envy of a city twice its size? Ping! Ljubljana has it in spades – everything is within easy reach; hotels, bars, restaurants, venues.

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