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The Crossroads of Growth


The Central Maine Growth Council (CMGC) is establishing Central Maine as a logistical hub between Boston, New York, Quebec, Maritimes Canada and Europe. CMGC, a member of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones (NAFTZ), is working closely with the U.S. Foreign Trade Zones Board to help businesses become aware of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) benefits. The recent FTZ designation provides economic incentives to those companies that are both located within the Zone and engaged in international business. Companies can save millions of dollars and utilise those savings for research and

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How to Manage the Unmanageable

There has been an enormous amount of discourse in recent times on the difficult economic climate and on how to stay resilient when times are tough. Now, however, much-anticipated optimism seems to be materialising following the recent news that the British Chambers of Commerce has upped its 2013 growth forecast. This is great news for business, for the economy and for you.

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The World’s Youngest Billionaires

Meet the world’s youngest billionaires. According to Forbes magazine, of the world’s 1,426 billionaires, there are 29 under the age of 40. These 29 young billionaires are worth a total of $119 billion. Ten of them have built their fortunes in the technology sector (four at social networking giant Facebook) and several others are heirs to massive fortunes. Here is a selection of the very richest of these enviably successful and minted youngsters.

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FioreQ: Concrete Design Principles

Interior design has been showcasing the industrial look for some time, and although we don’t all live in converted warehouses with high ceilings, wrought-iron railings and exposed brick, this inspiring style can look right at home in a variety of spaces.

Concrete – that sturdy industrial material that you may initially associate with a building site rather than your living room – is, in fact, a top-quality choice for indoor furniture design. With its smooth surface offering a unique and stylish look, this versatile material compliments most types of interior décor, from modern to unconventional and minimal to shabby chic. From a design perspective, due to its natural qualities, concrete retains that vital artistic appeal. Using this material to design furniture pieces is as timeless as it is durable and has been given a new lease of life. Introducing FioreQ.

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Floating Design Ideas

The Danish remain as innovative as ever. They don’t do things by halves, least of all design. Sanitov Studios introduced their floating home ‘Inachus’ at the London Design Festival 2012. The ‘sustainable floating home’ was launched in the UK by the Danish design studio with consumer electronics brand Samsung. This river boat (floating house) is part of Sanitov Floating Homes Future Cities project which hopes to incorporate the River Thames into London’s city living by adopting a more sustainable living approach.  As cities become crowded and space becomes even more expensive, there is no better time to take to the waterways and canals to set up home. There were great expectations for ‘Inachus’ even before the London Design Festival. So how was it received?

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