Today’s Tomorrow Starts Here


A few miles across the English Channel from France and Belgium you’ll find the South East of England, one of the country’s most attractive and prosperous regions. It’s also home to Basingstoke, an economic powerhouse that punches well above its weight, surrounded by beautiful English countryside but still within an easy hour’s reach of London.

Over a century after Thomas Burberry, founder of iconic fashion brand Burberry, opened the doors to his first store, this once market town saw the sixties and seventies remap its core to help accommodate the London overspill, resulting in its rise as a place of economic importance in the UK with many world known brands like The AA, AXA Wealth, De La Rue, Sony, Fujitsu and Motorola making it their home.

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Watford’s Advantage


Property investors and business leaders, no matter where they are in the world, know all about London. It’s a ‘must be there’ location for many leading global businesses.

From an investor point of view, it has provided significant returns for many property investors. Stable and consistent capital appreciation and yield delivery contribute to London’s reputation as a global investment haven.

With values and demand for property, both commercial and residential, now ahead of pre-recessionary levels, price rises have put city centre property beyond the comfortable reach of an ever growing demographic of housebuyers, renters and indeed the commercial occupiers who have helped make the city what it is today.

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Aargau Means Business


Centrally located within Europe, Canton Aargau is one of Switzerland’s most attractive economic areas. The offers excellent national and international connections, an attractive tax environment and a concentration of high-tech expertise. It is renowned for its research and educational institutions and the high-quality of its residential and living facilities. Its outstanding location, just a short distance from the inter- national airports in Zurich and Basel, means that companies profit from proximity to customers and partners as well as internationally experienced logistics providers.

Canton Aargau offers idyllic living close to beautiful rural environments as well as historical cities with lively cultural leisure options.These factors make Canton Aargu a place where you and your employees can all benefit. Here we speak with Annelise Alig Anderhalden, Head of Economic Promotion of the canton of Aargau.

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Aargau, Switzerland – The Centre for High-Tech Industries

Welcome to Aargau – the Swiss high-tech canton with a Triple A rating. In Aargau, where the number of people working in R&D is twice the Swiss average, you will find the best environment for your company to succeed: new technologies and a highly qualified and motivated workforce.

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Land of milk and honey

Investors have taken a more cautious approach to investing in foreign countries since the recession but forecasts indicate a return to pre-crisis figures by 2016. Location has become increasingly important to compete in today’s global market, since access to customers, a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and liberal tax incentives can make or break a business. Switzerland, situated between some of the largest economies in Europe, with above-average margins, high price stability and low inflation rates, has become a magnet for foreign companies and international organisations to set up base.

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Mind your Assets


Greenland Minerals and Energy is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and has a sole focus on identifying and developing high-quality mining assets in Greenland. The Company has been operating in Greenland since 2007. alt


2. What projects are you currently working on?
The company’s main focus is the Kvanefjeld specialty metals project in south Greenland. Kvanefjeld is underpinned by the worlds’ largest undeveloped resource of rare earth metals and uranium. The project is soon to enter the permitting phase, and then will be entering the development pipeline. Kvanefjeld is slated to produce a stream of critical rare earth concentrate, with by-production of uranium oxide, lanthanum and cerium products, zinc and fluorspar. By-product revenues will stand to make Kvanefjeld the lowest-cost producer of critical rare earth metals globally.

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Greenland: Mining the Future

altThere is extensive political agreement in Greenland that the country’s mineral sector should be developed into a principal industry contributing positively to economic development and the creation of new jobs. This objective is a vital element of the plan for long-term economic development, which includes the development of business sectors as an alternative to the fisheries sector. Greenland’s government aims to maintain a high level of mineral exploration to further incentivize the mineral resources industry to obtain exploration and exploitation licenses. In an interview, Peter Beck of Greenland’s Ministry of Finance and Henrik Stendal of the Ministry of Mineral Resources explain this strategy.

1. Can you provide us with an overview of Greenland’s current economic status, including its main industries and trading partners? Economic outlook
There was a drop in economic activity in Greenland in both 2012 and 2013, and the decline seems to have continued in 2014. This is due to a combination of declining shrimp fishing, falling resources activities, a drop in tourism and less building and construction activity. Experimental mackerel fishing is contributing to increased economic activity but was not sufficient to prevent the economy decelerating in 2014.

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North American Nickel Given Green Light

altNickel is one of the oldest known metals, with uses tracing back more than 5,000 years. It is a fundamental metal that is needed for every day applications, particularly in stainless steel. Nickel has corrosion-resistant properties that make it a vital component in various alloys and super alloys. Some common applications include household appliances, computers, cellular phones, vehicles, medical and heating devices as well as industrial, military, aerospace, marine and architectural applications.

North American Nickel is a Canadian junior mineral exploration company focused on advancing and developing high quality nickel-copper sulphide projects. The company’s key asset is its 100%-owned Maniitsoq project located in southwest Greenland. North American Nickel is listed on the TSX Venture exchange and is well funded with strong cornerstone investors.

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